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Schedule some ME time

Take time out for YOU

Take time out for YOU

Finding some time for ME is hard for Mums. There are so many other duties and responsibilities that demand our time and attention, that finding time to recharge our batteries goes further and further down the list.

In order to be the best Mums we can be, it is important to schedule some ME time. In order to make sure you get this time, write it into your diary and make sure you make this appointment with yourself.

ME time is different for different people. It could be:

  • going for a coffee with friends
  • having a relaxing bath
  • spending time at a class
  • doing a hobby such as craft or sport
  • exercising
  • reading a book
  • getting your hair cut or your nails done

There is no right or wrong answer when someone asks what you do for yourself, it can also vary from day to day, and may also change as your children get older. It will also vary depending on your circumstances.

For me, one thing I enjoy is reading a book and we are regular visitors to our local library so I can find new stories to read. I also make sure my kids are in bed well before I go to sleep so I can have some quiet time to recharge after a busy day.

I make sure I put time in my diary for time just for me. What this time is used for varies, however right now, much of my time is spent reading and writing.

Do you put ME time in your diary? What do you like to do to recharge your batteries?