I don’t do working bee’s

I don't do working bee's

I don’t do working bee’s

As a parent, there are so many activities to be involved with. Once they get to school, that list increased dramatically with activities the school asks parents to be involved in. From parent’s committee’s to reading with the class, to helping on the cake stall to just about anything else you can think of.

When I was working for myself, I was able to volunteer to help out at the school. The only thing during the school day that I really said no to was the Father’s Day stall, otherwise I was there nearly every second day (or so it seemed) helping out with something. A big advantage I found was that by the time my second started school, the place wasn’t scary for him as he was there a lot.

Now that I am working, giving my time is a lot harder, so I help out in other ways, although I need to draw the line somewhere. For me, it’s Working Bee’s.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the idea – on a Saturday morning, parents, students and teachers gather in the school yard to clean the place up. Often they tackle large jobs that need doing like mulching the garden beds or cleaning our rubbish from the bike sheds to make room for bikes. It’s a great way to maintain the school and get the community involved.

The biggest reason I say no is that on a Saturday morning, we have Auskick, music lessons, and a number of other activities for the kids, and there is only one of me. If I go to the Working Bee, then the kids will miss out on their activities. It’s all about setting boundaries so I’m not running myself ragged, but we still get to do everything we need to.

Your boundaries may be different to mine. You may love working bee’s, or have a partner who can attend while you run your kids around on a Saturday morning event. In order to stop being Super Mum, stop trying to do everything and be everywhere. And if you can’t attend a working bee, you may be able to help with the upkeep of the school in another way, such as donating some money toward a gardener or even doing jobs at other times.


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