Set visiting hours

Set visiting hours

Set visiting hours

Everyone wants to visit a newborn, and this can be overwhelming even for the most social new parents. There is a reason why hospitals have strict visiting hours for the maternity ward.

In spite of how some parents brag, most newborns don’t sleep for more than 2-3 hours at a time, waking regularly for feeds during the night. This means broken sleep. Prevailing advice for most new mothers is to sleep when the baby sleeps. This never worked for me, but it was helpful to rest, especially when baby number 2 arrived.

Something I’ve heard a bit lately is parents sending a note with the birth announcement with visiting hours at home, inviting people to drop in during that time. There is a line that says that if people want to come at other times, they can call first, just in case Mum and baby are sleeping.

Depending on how well you and your baby are settling in at home, you can always revise your visiting hours. The beauty of social media is that is easy to let people know. You may find that everything is going well and you are happy to have visitors popping in and out all day. You may also find that you are exhausted with a fussy baby and need some time with just you, your partner and your baby. This is something you won’t know until your baby is born.

Setting visiting hours can also help you plan your day. If you are struggling to get dressed in the morning, you will know when visitors are coming so you can be prepared. It will also help you if you need a rest as you can tell your guests that visiting hours are now over and it’s time for them to go home.

The early days can be a huge adjustment for anyone, so don’t try and be Supermum and put up with visitors when all you want to do is rest and enjoy being a new Mum.


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