Snacks for visitors

Providing snacks for visitors

Providing snacks for visitors

If you have set visiting hours, you may feel pressure to provide snacks for these visitors. Never fear, this is all about saying “Down with Supermum,” so you didn’t think I’d put that on you… did you?

The easiest way to provide tea and coffee is to have everything available so your guests can make their own cups. Have the kettle, tea bags, coffee, sugar bowl and mugs readily available and the milk in the fridge. In the lead up to your due date, toss a few extra packets of biscuits into your supermarket trolley, so you will have a supply ready to open when needed.

If you have people offering to bring food, you can also ask for some cakes, biscuits and other snacks that can be on hand for visitors. Some of these can even be frozen to be defrosted on the morning they are needed or the night before, giving them a longer shelf life.

If you enjoy making tea and coffee for visitors while they are holding your baby, wonderful. I’m sure your visitors will appreciate it. However, you may find that your visitors will be happy to make you a cup of tea while they make one for themselves. They may even bring a plate of something to share with you and your visitors.


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