10,000 Steps

Getting to 10,000 steps

Getting to 10,000 steps

The other day, I mentioned I had joined a gym. One of the goals is to do 10,000 steps a day! Most days, I don’t get there… but I get close.

Here are some of the ways I am getting my steps up:

  • Parking a bit further away – this includes school, shops, church, basically anywhere we go where we have to drive and park.
  • Taking a walk around the school – I usually get to school a bit early, so I do a lap of the school, or two, before stand in front of the kids classroom to wait for my kids.
  • Shopping – when I do the supermarket shopping, I try and do a bit more walking than usual by going down some of the aisles I wouldn’t normally go down, like the pet food aisle. There is no temptation in pet food, or toilet paper, and I usually have no need to go down them.
  • Dancing to music – my kids think it’s cheating, but I’m not so sure. Jigging along to music, even in the car, adds steps to the pedometer, and has the added bonus of embarrassing the kids! I figure I’m still getting active. I also put the music on and dance to it while cooking dinner.
  • Doing the coffee run at work – at work, we have a coffee shop down the road and there is usually a coffee run required each day. I try and volunteer for this when I can.
  • Remembering to put the pedometer on as soon as I get up – this is a big one. It doesn’t matter how many steps you do if you don’t have the pedometer on, especially when you’re asked how many steps you’ve done at the end of the week. I’ve worked out that most days there are 200-500 extra steps that aren’t counted as I don’t put the pedometer on as soon as I get up!

If you are trying to get your steps up, other than going for walks, these tips may help. I know that going for a long walk every day is simply not possible, and I spend a lot of time sitting at the computer, especially for work. In winter it’s often too cold and wet to go outside for a walk… I hope these tips will help you.


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