Me and my boys - The Grampians, December 2010

I suppose it’s about time to fill in this About Me page.

I am a single Mum of two gorgeous boys. Mr N is 9 and mad keen on football. I have no idea where that comes from as I have no interest in sport, failing PE 3 semesters in a row in high school. Mr Z is 7 and mad keen on lizards! He has 2 very well loved stuffed lizards given to him by his Oma (my Mum).

I am the oldest of 4 kids, have 1 nephew and another niece or nephew on the way, due in a few weeks.

I am currently working part time and spend my “spare” time writing a couple of books, I would like to have them published, and I will, one day.

Hmmm, what else should I write? I had both ante and post natal depression with both my kids, and I am happy to share my story (and plan to write some posts). If I think of anything else, I’ll add it.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

If you want to get in touch, email me.

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