Do you have a community?

Where is your community?

Are you part of a community? I’ve been talking to a number of Mums lately that have no real community to support them.

A community is more than just a group of people you meet with regularly. They are a group of people who help in your journey as a Mum.

For me, my community came from my church. We go almost every week, and it’s just what we do on a Sunday morning. Even on my darkest days when I didn’t feel like leaving the house, we would still head out to church on a Sunday morning. Often I would walk in the door and burst in to tears. Someone would take toddler Mr N off to play and someone else would cuddle baby Mr Z, and someone else would sit beside me and hold the tissues.

As well as this weekly support, there were times when people would drop off meals or even come and give a hand with child care or even housework!

As the boys grew older, we’ve changed churches a few times, and every time there has been amazing support from the community. This includes meals when we’ve all been really sick, help with transport when my car died, babysitting when I need some time out, and, especially, friends to meet with for coffee.

One special thing about the church communities I have been part of is the older women who are there. Their children are older than mine and they often know what I’m going through. They can offer sage advice, or not as required, and reassure me that things will change as the kids grow up.

There are also other kids there for my kids to play with, so we all have people to hang out with. There are also adults who are adopted aunty’s and uncle’s for my kids, sharing a special relationship with them and giving them someone special they can talk to.

If church isn’t your “thing”, find another community that can provide you with support. You don’t have to do it all alone, and having a community is a great way to get support, both for you and for your family.

Do you have a community?