Get the kids to help around the house

Get the kids to help around the house

There seems to be a trend at the moment of parents doing everything for their children. It may be a “let kids be kids” attitude and letting them play all the time.

When I was growing up, there was a list of jobs I was expected to do – all as part of being a member of the family and not for any pocket money.

My kids are now 8 and 10, and there are jobs they are expected to do. These include:

  • Putting away their clean clothes
  • Setting the table for meals
  • Tidying their room
  • Putting dishes in & out of the dishwasher
  • Clearing the table after meals
  • Putting the rubbish and recycling out
  • Putting the bins out on bin night
  • Packing their school bags
  • Carrying their school bags
  • And anything else I ask them to do…

These jobs are not for any money, they are part of being in the family. It also takes a lot of pressure off me doing everything.

As the mother of two boys, I also see part of my job is teaching them to be responsible adults and to be able to contribute to their household when they are adults. If I don’t teach them when they are kids, when will they learn? Little by little, they are given more jobs and more responsibility around the house. For example, Mr N is able to change the sheets on his bed, but isn’t quite big enough to put the doona cover on his doona.

We also spend regular time together cleaning, and the boys have jobs they really like to do. For some reason, they fight over who gets to clean the toilet as well as washing the bathroom floor!

By getting my kids to help out around the house with the housework, it takes the pressure off me and I don’t feel like I’m doing absolutely everything around the house.


I have a cleaner…

My cleaner is a life saver…

I have a cleaner. There, my “secret” is out. I’ve had one now for about 4 years now, and it started as a sanity saver between myself and my mother (I live with my parents).

Our cleaner comes in on a Friday morning and does whatever she can for 2 hours, including cleaning the bathroom & toilet, and vacuuming and mopping the floors.

Before we got her, I thought that having a cleaner was a luxury that I couldn’t possibly afford. I struggled with the housework. I didn’t like doing it and, with two small children and post natal depression, things got more and more out of control.

It’s funny talking with some of the Mums from school. Many are working (some full time) and are still trying to get all their housework done. When I tell them I have a cleaner, they say how lucky I am and how they could never afford it.

For me, having a cleaner is no longer a luxury, or something I feel guilty about. It’s fantastic as I know things get cleaned. Sometimes things get dirty in between times, such as the bathroom mirror, and I will clean them, but it’s great not having to worry. We just do a mad dash around the house on a Thursday to tidy up, ready for the cleaner on Friday morning. Then, when we get home in the afternoon, the house is lovely and clean – a great way to start the weekend.

My kids still help with housework, while they grumble, they are still learning to keep the house clean and tidy, so they don’t get out doing any housework just because we have a cleaner.

So, if housework is getting on top of you, or you just don’t feel like doing it, invest in a cleaner. You’ll find it’s a great investment, and it gives you energy to do the things you really love doing.

If you are looking for a cleaner, I came across this site the other day – Find Me a Cleaner – they might be able to help you find a cleaner in your area.