I don’t do working bee’s

I don't do working bee's

I don’t do working bee’s

As a parent, there are so many activities to be involved with. Once they get to school, that list increased dramatically with activities the school asks parents to be involved in. From parent’s committee’s to reading with the class, to helping on the cake stall to just about anything else you can think of.

When I was working for myself, I was able to volunteer to help out at the school. The only thing during the school day that I really said no to was the Father’s Day stall, otherwise I was there nearly every second day (or so it seemed) helping out with something. A big advantage I found was that by the time my second started school, the place wasn’t scary for him as he was there a lot.

Now that I am working, giving my time is a lot harder, so I help out in other ways, although I need to draw the line somewhere. For me, it’s Working Bee’s.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the idea – on a Saturday morning, parents, students and teachers gather in the school yard to clean the place up. Often they tackle large jobs that need doing like mulching the garden beds or cleaning our rubbish from the bike sheds to make room for bikes. It’s a great way to maintain the school and get the community involved.

The biggest reason I say no is that on a Saturday morning, we have Auskick, music lessons, and a number of other activities for the kids, and there is only one of me. If I go to the Working Bee, then the kids will miss out on their activities. It’s all about setting boundaries so I’m not running myself ragged, but we still get to do everything we need to.

Your boundaries may be different to mine. You may love working bee’s, or have a partner who can attend while you run your kids around on a Saturday morning event. In order to stop being Super Mum, stop trying to do everything and be everywhere. And if you can’t attend a working bee, you may be able to help with the upkeep of the school in another way, such as donating some money toward a gardener or even doing jobs at other times.


I have the same lunch as my kids!

We all have the same lunch

We all have the same lunch

Money has been tight lately. I used to make lunch for my kids, then either grab a ready meal for myself or buy my lunch. Buying my lunch would give me an excuse to get out of the office, but it was getting expensive.

My kids have a salad roll, some biscuits and some fruit in their lunchboxes. This can vary a bit depending what ingredients we have. Sometimes they’ll have popcorn instead of biscuits, but that’s the general idea.

In an effort to save money and eat a bit healthier, I have been packing the same lunch for me! The first day I did this, I joked with the other people in my office that I had the same lunch as my kids. As the weeks have gone by, I’ve been realising how this is not only saving me money, but it is also saving a lot of time.

Packing an extra lunchbox each morning doesn’t take any additional time, and I make sure there are always fresh ingredients available. I buy rolls from the bakery and freeze them so they don’t get stale, and, in the hot weather, they help keep the kids lunch boxes cool. I also buy biscuits and other snacks in bulk so they are there for lunch boxes as well as for after school. The next step is getting regular fruit deliveries so there is a plenty supply of fresh fruit available for all of us.

When I arrive at the office, I put my lunch in the fridge so it’s still nice by lunch time. This is a good thing because I don’t have an extra cold bag – these go to school with the boys to keep their lunches nice and fresh.

One down side is that I’m not really going out of the office at lunch time, however with the recent heat in Melbourne, I’m glad of the excuse not to go out. When the weather settles down, I’m planning to go out for a walk after I eat my lunch as there is a great park across the road from my office.

For you other working Mums out there, do you pack your lunch too, or just buy something?

Schedule some ME time

Take time out for YOU

Take time out for YOU

Finding some time for ME is hard for Mums. There are so many other duties and responsibilities that demand our time and attention, that finding time to recharge our batteries goes further and further down the list.

In order to be the best Mums we can be, it is important to schedule some ME time. In order to make sure you get this time, write it into your diary and make sure you make this appointment with yourself.

ME time is different for different people. It could be:

  • going for a coffee with friends
  • having a relaxing bath
  • spending time at a class
  • doing a hobby such as craft or sport
  • exercising
  • reading a book
  • getting your hair cut or your nails done

There is no right or wrong answer when someone asks what you do for yourself, it can also vary from day to day, and may also change as your children get older. It will also vary depending on your circumstances.

For me, one thing I enjoy is reading a book and we are regular visitors to our local library so I can find new stories to read. I also make sure my kids are in bed well before I go to sleep so I can have some quiet time to recharge after a busy day.

I make sure I put time in my diary for time just for me. What this time is used for varies, however right now, much of my time is spent reading and writing.

Do you put ME time in your diary? What do you like to do to recharge your batteries?

I don’t like cooking…

I don’t enjoy cooking…

I have a confession… I don’t enjoy cooking. It’s not that I can’t cook, or that I’m no good at it, I just don’t enjoy it.

To be honest, I would love to have a personal chef to cook for us every night. I even buy pikelets to put in Mr Z’s lunchbox!

Every now and again, I will get the baking bug and bake some cupcakes, muffins, or similar. But this is rare. When the bug hits, I will bake a big batch and freeze them to use over a period of time. Even when baking, I’ll usually use a packet mix instead of baking from scratch.

I know there are some mother’s who love to cook, but I’m not one of them. And I’m OK with that.

I buy packet mixes and ready made food. I use the same recipe books to cook dinner. I don’t watch Masterchef and those other cooking shows on TV. It’s just not what I’m interested in.

So, there’s my confession for the day – I don’t enjoy cooking.

So sleepy…

So tired today…

Last night, I got hardly any sleep. My brain was not going to quieten down and let me get some sleep.

Somewhere around midnight I finally gave up trying to sleep and put on a DVD to doze in front of. I must have gone to sleep at some point as I woke up around 4 and again at 8.

Because I’m so tired today, I’m taking it easy. I have a long list of things I needed to get done that is getting ignored. Instead I’m sitting on the couch, watching a movie and playing on Facebook. I’m even pinching my kids chips as I feel like eating something unhealthy. Just don’t tell them that!

This is part of my mission to get rid of the “Supermum” tag and look after myself. I’m trying to look after myself and just take it easy instead of pushing to get everything done. I’m going to have an early night tonight in the hope of a good nights sleep.

Time to follow my own advice…

Time to simplify matters…

Life is getting busy and, to be honest, it’s all getting too much. I’ve been trying to be Supermum myself.

It’s time to take my own advice and start to simplify my life. It will happen, little by little, one tiny step at a time, however I’m going to do this.

There are something I know for sure, these include:

  • I need a cleaner, and the sooner the better. I’ve been without one for nearly a year and that’s too long.
  • I have jewellery all over a table in my bedroom and this needs to be organised… I have a basic system and it’s not working for me.
  • We have too many toys. My boys have grown out of many of them and they are just taking up space. We need to get rid of them. The same with many of our picture books.
  • I need to start taking better care of myself. This includes taking proper time out as well as working out how I can fit everything in so that it works for ME.
  • I need to start exercising again. I haven’t done much lately and I really need to get back to it.

This is just a start, and things that I know that need changing. I’ll be taking baby steps. For tonight, I’m going to be browsing Pinterest for jewellery storage ideas – after all, my birthday is coming up… To keep up with what I’ve found, click here.

Menu Planning

Planning our menu…

I must admit that I’m not the most organised person in the World…  One thing that saves me a lot of time and effort is planning a weekly menu.

There are plenty of templates out there that you can download, however our method is a lot simpler.

We get a notepad or a piece of paper and simply write down five meals for the week. In addition, we write a shopping list at the same time.

Menu planning saves me a lot of time during the week. This way, I know what we are having and I know that we have enough ingredients to make the food.

I don’t put them down as Monday, Tuesday, etc. Just Meal 1, Meal 2, etc. This way if the afternoon doesn’t go according to plan, we can chop and change as we feel like it.

In addition to the meals on the menu, we make sure there is a supply of “back up” food, such as meat pies, fresh pasta & sauce, baked beans & tinned spaghetti, and sausages and frozen veggies. All of these are quick and easy and serve as weekend meals and meals when I’m tired or we get home really late.

Most recently, I’ve put my kids in charge of doing up the weekly menu! This may seem strange, but it’s something they really enjoy. This has a number of advantages. The first is that I don’t have to plan the menu, and the second is they put meals on the menu that they enjoy eating. They are surprisingly good at writing a varied menu, although there are a few meals that we tend to have every week!